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Hospital Management System

eLogics Hospital Management System Module to computerize any medium to large scale hospial. There are plenty of exhaustive modules available in eHospial which makes it user friendly,highly versatile and completely database driven.It has stringent data security and easy recovery in case of a system failure .
eHospital Provides the benefit of stremlined operations, enhanced administration and control and improved response to patient care, cost control and improved profitabilty . The main features it includes Modular Structure,Integrated Design, multi level security,easily customizable,GUI Based, completely databse driven, highly secured,user wise authentication of modules and user friendly.It has single window view to locate patient billing,collection,discharge etc and effective search facility to search any type of information related to Patient .


OPD Software is a easy to use, affordable and powerful clinic-software allowing Doctors to manage clinic at their finger tips. A useful clinic-software for Patient Management, Clinic Management, OPD Management with cloud backup to save your important data. A practice management software to manage your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at ease. A complete software solution for your OPD with support team to keep you working without any hiccups. Enjoy the peace of mind with OPD software, a clinic-software that keeps on evolving as the times change.
OPD Patient Registration : OPd registration no. is alloted to every patient who visits to doctor in outdoor department which helps us to find any outdoor related information regarding patient and doctor.


IPD Covers various task like Patient Indoor Regestration,Admission,Ward or Room Management .An IPD (Hospital) no. is alloted to admitted patient along with ward and room.
  1. Define Room type General,Semi-Private,Private.Delux etc.
  2. Assign room numbers and describe the floor on which it is situated.
  3. Occupancy status of wrads/rooms.
  4. Daily bed availability.
  5. Shiftting of patient from one department to another.
  6. Discharge of patient will automatically vacate bed occupancy.

Patient Monitoring:-

In this module user can define detailed information about the patient's periodical visits to the hospital, treatment given to them, admission in the hospital & related tariffs are updated for the administration section. This module is further classified in the following sub modules:
  1. Patient Registration
  2. Patient Routine Visits
  3. Patient Admission
  4. Patient Bed Shifting
  5. Patient Discharge
  6. Patient Administration
  7. Patient Billing
  8. Patient Receipt


OT is a Hospital Information System for managing hospital operations.OT modules has following features:
  1. Define Operation by OT Name.
  2. Operation list by surgeon.
  3. Operation list by anesthetics.
  4. Opeartion list by department.
  5. Can search the record of particular patient .
  6. Can able to print complete OT schedule for particular dates.


Maternity Module includes following item:
  1. O.P.D Antenatal .
  2. Obstertric Examination .
  3. Labou Record .
  4. Labour Record .
  5. Delivery Record .
  6. Confinement Register .
  7. MTP Register .
  8. Sterilization Register .

Child Care

Child care module include following items:
  1. Immunization Schedule .
  2. Immunization Follow Up .
  3. Immunization reminder by SMS .


This covers following modules:
  1. Hematology , Serology , Microbiology ,Biochemistry , Cytology ,Immunology .
  2. Request comes directly in the lab form consultant doctors or ward .
  3. Test samples of OPD patient Taken in Lab .
  4. Test samples of IPD patients taken in ward .
  5. Result are enterd by Technician / Doctors .
  6. Results are verified by Doctors before release .
  7. Investgatin report can be viewed by Consultant Doctor in their Chamber or in wards electronically .


  1. It contains following modules , X-Ray ,Ultrasound , CT Scan , MRI , Color Doppler etc .
  2. Patient viewed by radiologist and enters the investigation result .
  3. Report can be viewed by Consultant doctors in their Chamber / Ward .

Medical Store Management Module

  1. Maintain stock Postion of medicine .
  2. Purchase of medicine .
  3. Medicine sale To patient .
  4. Sale return .
  5. Purchase return .
  6. Can generate expiry report for drugs .
  7. VAT register .
  8. Computaion of VAT on sale/purchase .
  9. Can produce annexure A/B report .
  10. Expiry date alert of medicine .
  11. Supplier wise outstandng .
  12. Supplier wise outstanding .
  13. Gain on sale bill wise / product wise etc .

Hospital Store Management Module

  1. Hospital have central store which purachase the item for hospital and maintains complete stock .
  2. Purchase drug items and non-drug iems .
  3. Central store issues the items to ward , OT etc .
  4. It maintains stock , purchase and issue of items .
  5. Can find how many items issued to different locations .
  6. Stock position of all the items .
  7. Expiry details of the items .
  8. Define recorder level of stock .

Account Management:-

The integration of the Hospital transaction with accounts make it a complete software package. The Receipts from the patients, Payment to the suppliers and daily transaction are recoded in its different module. It facilitates the Account department to receive and print bills. eHospital also generates all the necessary reports required by accounts department. The complete flexibility is provided for auditing of the accounts. There are no shackles put forth in the editing of all or deleting of any transactions. Even the whole ledger can be reconstructed after correcting and deleting any errors made in the transactions / bills / vouchers. This module is divided in the following sub modules:
  1. Major Group
  2. Subgroup
  3. Account Master
  4. Daily Bank/Cash Transaction
  5. Journal Entries/Debit Note/Credit Note


  • Patient’s Complete Demographic Details
  • Report Generation of Patients Records on Monthly, Weekly & Daily basis.
  • Comprehensive Patient Billing Information
  • Doctors Management
  • OPD Management
  • Automatic Operating at Reception

Benifit of eHospital:

  • Ease of accessibility of data to doctors to generate various records based on patient’s history and other factors.
  • provides manifold benefits to hospitals whether large or medium sized. Streamlined Operations.
  • Minimized documentation and no duplication of records. Reduced paper work
  • Procedures for timely and effective patient care
  • Faster information flow between various departments
  • Easy access to reference records.
  • Optimized bed occupancy checks, Effective billing of various services, Exact stock information.


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