eMedicine (Software for  Medical Store Management)

Managing your Medicine Shop made lot easier by eMedicine Software developed by  eLogics Infotech  .The Softwrae is developed to carter the need of small to big Chemists.

eMedicine is a user friendly software to manage the day-to-day hassle free process of stock inward and outward movement process .It is rich in its features to take care of all requirements of an efficient and modern chemist who thinks information is value . It serves as a guide to your business management system .

Reports generated from the system keeps you updated of stock in hand as well as Buyer/Supplier goodwill manager.

eMedicine addresses Sales , purchase, Bill order, Medicine history, Administration, and Accounts . It also keep track of sundry creditors and its payment details .
For efficent management of the whole process the softwrae is broadly divided into the following major modules .

configuration modules:

This module define the basic and core master creation of :

Prodocts :

(Categories , Type , Trade name, various attributs to define a product .)


(Groups, Subgropus, Ledger Heads of Suppliers and others).
Within this module super-user defines detailed information about Medical store Departments, Product definition and product Traffis, supplier information, Doctors information, Staff, Accounts groups, Sub groups . This is the mater data for managing day to day transactions of the medical store .

Transaction modules:

This module allows user to record datailed information about the Inwared and Outward purchase; which ncludes purchase and returns sales . This has following sub modules :

Prodocts :

This module allows user to record day to day transaction of stocks , Purchase , Sales , Return To Supplier, Return Form Customer,Wastage .


This module allows user to records : Payment/Bill Settlement To Sippliers .
Daily Banking ,
Cash Transaction

Reports modules:

Numerous reports are available for viewing and printing where you can keep an eye on the vital indicators about Medical store management . The reports rae classified in two categories

Medicine :

This module allows user to maintain Stock register , Stock valuation , Product expiry,Net gain on sale ,Purchase register ,sale register , sale return register , wastage register ,purchase return register , purchase re-order register , product price list as per last purchase , patient register consultant wise ,supplier balance register , suppier wise product list , vat register .

Reports modules cont... :

Accounts :

This module allows user to maintain Bank book  , Cheques issued and cleared , Bank reconciliation , Cash book ,Cash flow , Adjustment register, General ledger , Trial balance , Income and expenditure , Balance sheet.

Accounts module :

The integration of the Medicine transaction with accounts makes it a complete software package . The receipts from the patients , payment to the supplier and daily transaction are recorded in its different module. It facilitates the account department to recevie and prints bills.eMedicine also generates all the necessary reports required by account department.

Some additional features

Serach Engine :eMedicine has a very Simple inbuilt search engine where user can search any record with any criteria.

Data Security :The eMedicine security model uses windows-based authentication (Kerberos/NTLM) and internally-driven authorization . It's basically a role-based security model, where a role is conseptually some class of person.
eMedicine supports object-level(i.e row-level) security,with support for sharing role and assignment . Depenidng on your role and sharing information , you can have access to an even if you're not the owner.

Export Data : Reports and master data can be exported to other formats like Excel sheet ,word Document or PDf file.

System Requirement :

  • PC with Pentium Class Processor.
  • Windows 9x or later, Windows NT4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later .
  • 32 MB RAM (recommended)& 30 MB HDD Space

Backup and Restore :

  • Back up to database can be provide from the utilities.
  • This is fruitful in case of data recovery.

What we provide :

  • Installation and training at your place.
  • Free warranty support for 12 months from date of installation.
  • Round the clock telephonic and internet-email support.
  • If required we supply hardware quotations from our franchise.
  • And our client centeric service with a smile.

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