Welcome to eDiagnostic (Software for Diagnostic Centre )

Managing your diagnostic centre gets lot easier by eDiagnostic software developed by ELogics Infotech. The software is developed to carter the need of small to big Diagnostics centre. For efficient management of the whole process the software is brodly divided into the folowing modules:

Master Module

This module define the basic and core master entry creation of :


It include Declaration of Various departments , eg Radiology , Pathology .

Service Provider

Charges for the tests are entered here.

Report Definition

Report definition related to all kind of pathology and Radiology tests.


Information related to the consultant of the diagnostic centre are entered here.

PRO MAster

Public relation officer records are maintained here .


All the heads of Account details for the diagnostic centre are initialized here.


A transaction is an agreement,communication carried out between separate entitites .

Bill Recepit

Bill information of the tests done by the patient in the diagnostic centre are generated here .

Dues Recepit

In case of pending bills,We can generate dues recepit for the patients.


In case of refunding money ,We can generate refund statement for the patients.


Account details related to receipt and payments are maintained .

IP Payment

Ip Payments record is maintained here .

Report Module

Reports are available for viewing and printing , The Reports are classified in following categories .

Report Diagnostic

Report Diagnostics include following modules:
Registration(Consultwise,Test wise,Group wise)
Register:(collectionregister,IP register,Cash book,Dues Register,Refund Register,Credit Register,PRO Register,Area/City wise Register,Patient Register)


This modules further include following sub-modules:
Bank book,Cheques issued,Cheques cleared,Bank reconcilation,Cash book,Cash flow,Adjustment register,General ledger,Trial balance,Profit&Loss Statement,Balance sheet.

Report cont...


This module further divide into sub modules :
General Report :(Urine Analysis,Stool Analysis,Semen Analysis,CBC,Blood Group,Haemostatic Panel,Antinatal Panel,Thyroid Panel, Diabetic Panel,Liver Profile,Cardiac Profile,Lipid Profile)

Special Tests :

(Cytology,FNAC,Biopsy,Bone marrow)

Windal/Montoux , Combined Malaria , General Blood Picture , Microbology , Special Report , Report Histopathalogy

Radiology :

This modules also include sub-modules :
CT Scan
Special X-Ray
Ultra sound
Color Doppler .

Some additional features

Serach Engine :eDiagnosis has a very Simple inbuilt search engine where user can search any record with any criteria.

Data Security :The eDiagnostics security model uses windows-based authentication (Kerberos/NTLM) and internally-driven authorization . It's basically a role-based security model, where a role is conseptually some class of person.
eDiagnostics supports object-level(i.e row-level) security,with support for sharing role and assignment . Depenidng on your role and sharing information , you can have access to an even if you're not the owner.

Export Data : Reports and master data can be exported to other formats like Excel sheet ,word Document or PDf file.

System Requirement :

  • PC with Pentium Class Processor.
  • Windows 9x or later, Windows NT4.0 or later with Service Pack 3 or later .
  • 32 MB RAM (recommended)& 30 MB HDD Space

Backup and Restore :

  • Back up to database can be provide from the utilities.
  • This is fruitful in case of data recovery.

What we provide :

  • Installation and training at your place.
  • Free warranty support for 12 months from date of installation.
  • Round the clock telephonic and internet-email support.
  • If required we supply hardware quotations from our franchise.
  • And our client centeric service with a smile.

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